Check out a 99 Cent Store if You are Moving and on a Budget

99 Cent or Dollar Store

99 Cent or Dollar Store

Are you on a budget? Moving into your first place?

Start at a Dollar store or 99 cent only store!

Before moving into your first place check out a 99 cent store, many time they have the items you need to pack such as small boxes, storage bins, packing tape, and other supplies.

Once you get into your new place, and if you are still on a budget go back to the dollar store and you can pick up cleaning items, kitchen and dining equipment, even other items you never even thought of.

The draw back of a dollar store is that if you are getting certain items such as cookware, utensils, or tools these are very temporary items. For these items the dollar store or 99 cent store is not up to date with quality, there is a reason why the items are at the dollar stores. Forks will eventually bend, pans will come apart and your tools will break. But you can get by for a few months before these begin to degrade ad give you extra time to save up or purchase more quality long lasting items.

As for home perishable such as soap, food, toilet paper this is a great place to get started and will serve a singular purpose. Temporary relief moving into a new place.

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