Quilted 7 Piece Bed Spread Set For Less Than $75

Melody Quilted 7 Piece Bed spread

Melody Quilted 7 Piece Bed spread

Check out this full 7 piece bed set including the bed spread, two pillow shams, two euro pillow shams, and two throw pillows for less than seventy dollars. This set has a beautiful grey pattern that is very uni-sex and elegant enough to impress anyone who comes into the room. Turn your bed into a elegant center piece.

For the savvy shopper they know this is a great deal, you can get cheaper bedspreads with less quality but a good bed spread runs about one-hundred dollars plus more. This this bed spread you will get everything shown in the seven piece set all for less than 75$ including the shipping.

You can see this bedspread at Home Soft Things, just click the title:

Melody Quilted 7 Piece Bed spread Set


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